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Monthly Education - September 2022 - Does Your Logo Suck?!
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce , 166 Second Street, , Monument, CO 80132

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Monthly Education Series - Does Your Logo Suck?!


Maybe your logo looks outdated, poorly executed, or just overall sucky. Perhaps it’s a matter of poor balance, awkward spacing, clashing colors, unreadable typography… or all of the above.

But more often than not, whether or not you think your logo sucks, it was likely created without a foundational brand strategy. That’s where we come in.

On September 27, 2022, Join the brand strategy experts at Neon Pig Creative to re-assess your logo from square one. We’ll dig deep into your brand’s soul and substance with the ultimate goal of creating a road map that will improve your logo from “suck” to “sleek”.

We’ll touch on your brand’s mission, vision, and values… those foundational aspects that influence the overarching aesthetics of your brand. We’ll also think outside the box through interactive brainstorming sessions, allowing you to assess your brand from angles you never considered.

But this won’t all be abstract marketing exercises. We’ll also get down to brass tacks and talk about some of the literal qualities that make for a strong logo. We’ll look at some of the best logos designed by the best designers of all time to discover common threads. From legibility and scalability to balance and contrast, we’ll delve into several criteria that will help you assess once and for all… does your logo suck?!

After taking this course, we’re confident it will only be a matter of time before it absolutely does not.

This class will be IN PERSON at the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce in Monument, CO

Facilitated by: 

Colin Christie

Partner, Creative Director | Neon Pig Creative

Laura Schnarr
Partner, Director of Strategy | Neon Pig Creative

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Thanks to a sponsorship by Ent Credit Union, this workshop is free!