Experience and Background

As an Edward Jones client for nearly a decade, I greatly benefited from the personalized approach that I received from my financial advisor. Now as an Edward Jones financial advisor, I am thrilled to get to provide my clients with the same experience that I enjoyed, allowing them to achieve their financial needs and goals. The most meaningful part of my job is working with my clients as a team in order to make a positive change in their lives.

In-person conversations with individuals, families and small businesses help me understand my clients' desires and dreams. Once we are able to define these, I am able to tailor a long-term strategy and help clients implement it. My ultimate goal is to foster relationships with my clients and earn their trust so I will be able to help them build their financial future. 

My previous career as the director of an adventure summer camp in Colorado taught me many things. One of those is the importance of caring for each family to the best of my ability. Another is the value of having a clear long-term strategy in place while having the flexibility to make changes wherever and whenever needed.

I greatly value education, as such, I earned two masters degrees. I hold an M.B.A. with an emphasis in finance from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and a master's degree in agriculture from the University of Arizona. 

Living and working in Larkspur are surely two of my greatest joys. With my family (wife, Miriam, and our 4 year-old daughter, Sivan) by my side, I am a grateful individual, husband, father, financial professional and community member. That's why I've been an active member of the Larkspur Chamber of Commerce since 2016 and a president since January 2018.

I would be thrilled to connect with you to learn what is important to you and to join your team by adding value to you and your family. When you're ready please call me at 720-381-6252.

Education History

  • Univ of Arizona-Tucson
  • Univ of Colorado-Colorado Sprg
    MBA (Masters of Bus Admin)
  • Univ of Arizona-Tucson